My name is Deborah and my concern with this company is to bring people together who want to connect from the heart - with each other and with the nature and environment in which we live.

Conscious Community is a lifestyle that offers healthy, vegan, gluten-free organic food, organic clothing, an active community for sharing leisure activities and an exchange of goods and services via this platform. At the same time, there is the possibility that local organic farmers (and other manufacturers) can offer their goods to third parties and at the same time advertise themselves.

In the first step, the dishes are offered by so-called food trucks with mainly vegan and gluten-free organic food, which are sold as quick snacks with salads.

In the second step there will be vegan fast-food restaurants, which will have a wider range of food, include a shop for groceries and organic fair-trade clothing and will make the premises available for seminars or leisure activities after business hours.


Added value for everyone – healthy living at all levels. I or the Conscious Community helps and supports its members to feel better on a physical level (healthy food, healthy physical activity such as sport), mental level (spiritual exchange, mental relaxation such as meditation) and spiritually (connection with other people and nature ) to develop.

Everyone involved should be in harmony with people and nature.

In my observation, our society is too oriented towards material values and some people use their skills and knowledge mainly to sell them to the highest bidder. The intention to make a profit also plays a major role in food production and processing. My approach is different because I have experienced myself that this way of thinking (you only give to get something) makes you ill in the long run.

On the other hand, if you give something away – be it knowledge or a skill – a different consciousness arises. You are aware of yourself that you carry something valuable within you and this creates inner wealth. That which many people try to compensate for with material values.

In this community, I would like to encourage you to actively give away this inner knowledge and thereby enrich yourself and your fellow human beings - without financial compensation. That's right, the Activities and Exchange pages are intended to be pure exchange platforms.

This page is still under construction!