Conscious Exchange

Entries on this page may/should be made by activists who would like to share something. This can be material items, food, job offers or services that someone provides.

Example: Someone is good with computers, but does not do it full-time. Nevertheless it can be a very big help for eg a housewife.

In return, the housewife may be good at cooking/baking, sewing, removing stains and assisting the man doing the repairs.

Dieses kurze Erklärung soll nur als Anregung dienen, dass Menschen sich trauen ihre nicht-professionellen Fähigkeiten zu schätzen und den Mitmenschen zur Verfügung zu stellen. Dadurch profitierst Du (als Anbieter) am meisten, denn Du erkennst Deinen eigenen Wert (der sich mit jeder genutzten und ausgebauten Fähigkeit weiter erhöht).

Another example: A working woman regularly needs cakes for children's birthday parties or school events, but doesn't always want to get them from the baker - another Conscious participant is happy to do this and asks for tips on the tax return.