Create together

I personally think that health of body and mind is a fundamental right and that a society should do everything possible to ensure that everyone has this opportunity (and can afford to take advantage of it). Our system is currently structured in such a way that a sick person represents a source of income for a healer (doctor or other healing professions), a sort of standing order on their own account. I think this approach is outdated.

For this reason, I invite everyone who can contribute to helping another person to become more well-being, to do so willingly and voluntarily (within his/her possibilities). I would like to start a kind of AirBnB for courses and activities that promote well-being. As a provider, you can be very creative, sing, dance, do yoga, meditate or go for a walk together, all of which helps you connect with your fellow human beings in a warm atmosphere. Passing on knowledge takes nothing away from the giver, but it enriches the recipient (who in turn can freely express their gratitude).

A (local) contact and exchange opportunity should be created on this platform.