Conscious Clothes

A few years ago I moved to India with the aim of starting a business that produces sustainable organic fair trade (children's) clothing. I lived there for two years and put a lot of energy into it. Unfortunately, I was forced to fight battles there that had nothing to do with my core business. For example, a producer said to me: "If there is a man in my company, why does he have to talk to a woman now".

I haven't given up the dream, but to start this business I will be sourcing products from an already existing company whose quality (organic bamboo) I know and can fully recommend.

Consider Bamboo!

Lavos products are made from a mixture of bamboo, BCI-certified organic cotton and elastane. The manufacturer states:

Without chemical substances

Anti - Microbes: Naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial and therefore odorless

UPF 50+: Protects against 98% of harmful UV rays

Thermo-regulation: Bamboo feels pleasantly cool on the skin in summer and warms in winter

In addition, bamboo can absorb three times its weight in water and is therefore particularly breathable. It feels softer and more comfortable than Egyptian cotton.

A shop will be created here where you can order the bamboo products. There is already a small selection:

Bamboo t-shirt and yoga pants

Bamboo top and yoga pants

Bamboo Polo Shirt

V-neck bamboo t-shirt

Bamboo Top

Bamboo menstrual underwear

Bamboo Bikini Panties

Bamboo Hipster

Bamboo maternity underwear

Bamboo boxer shorts

Bamboo Slip

Bamboo sports pants long

Bamboo sports shorts

Bambus T-Shirt

Bamboo socks